Le premiazioni si svolgeranno nell'Odeo del Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza nel mese di Settembre in data da definire.



Odeo del Teatro Olimpico
Odeo del Teatro Olimpico
Teatro Olimpico
Teatro Olimpico



                               THE JOURNEY ABOUT FEELINGS .


                 REVELATIONS . . . DISCOVERIES  . . . DISCLOSURES . . .


Section A : Poetic unpublished sylloge (Max. 150 verse) written in all languages – translated into Italian or English language .It is possible to connect an image .

Section B : Short unpublished story (Max. 5 pages A4 format) .It is possible to connect an image .


Section C : “Post” shaped by an image and a poetic text, and vice versa.

Whether image or poetic text, they could be done by another artist .



                                     THE REGULATION


-  The entries take places from 21 March to 21 June 2013 .

The works are forwarded to : (format doc. docx.) .The format of images is jpg. pdf.

-       The candidates can send till 3 works for each Section .They must write their own contact,short curriculum and personal data .

-       The Authors of the works pertinent to theme of Prize and deemed sound must pay 20,00 Euros for each accepted work,according to informations of secretariat of Prize .

-       The Jury of Prize – unobjectionably –will choose 3 winners for each Section and will communicate date and site of awarding of prizes .